Hiking the Adirondacks & Green Mountains

If you are looking for more information on the various mountains you have the opportunity to explore, then you’ve come to the right place.

Adirondack Mountains

Buck Mountain

Elevation: 4000 ft.
With beautiful, unparalleled views of Lake George and beyond, this 6 mile roundtrip hike is of moderate level. The trail has a few rocky, challenging sections that are not suitable for young children.

Cascade Mountain

Elevation: 4098 ft.

Since this peak boasts a short roundtrip of 4.8 miles, a well-maintained trail, and moderate ascent, this is one of the easiest hikes in the Adirondacks. Even though the climb is benign, it reveals remarkable views, especially on a clear day.


Elevation: 4867 ft.

With various trails to choose from, ranging from moderate to difficult, this mountain is ranked 5th out of the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. With an average of 10 miles roundtrip, expect to spend at least a half to a full day exploring this beast. On clear days, there is a magnificent view of the Green Mountains.


Elevation: 4627 ft.

With two trails to choose from, one with a 6 mile roundtrip and the other a 7.2 mile roundtrip, hikers enjoys the spectacular views from the top of Giant of the Valley. Both trails have a steep ascent to the summit, but the reward is seeing the world open up before you.

Mount Marcy

Elevation: 5344 ft.

Marcy is the tallest mountain in the state of New York and is rated 1st out of the 46 High Peaks. There are four trails to the summit, however there is one that is most popular. It has a 15 mile roundtrip and is not recommended for those who are not experienced.

Taconic & Green Mountains

Mount Zion

Elevation: 1220 ft.

Also called the Taconic Mountain Ramble, Zion sits on a 204 acre property in Hubbarton, VT. There are numerous trails that lead to the summit, where there is a rock ledge and picnic tables to enjoy the view. There is also a Japanese Garden (also known as Zen Gardens) that is open during the summer months.

Pico Mountain

Elevation: 3967 ft.

There are two main trails that will lead you to the peak of Pico, both are moderate climbs with a roundtrip of about 6.2 miles. Enjoy breathtaking views of Killington, the heart of the Green Mountains, and on clear days the Adirondacks to the west.

Killington Mountain

Elevation: 4235 ft.

Also known as the “Beast of the East”, Killington is the second tallest mountain in Vermont. While it may be a skier’s dream destination, the Bucklin Trail will take you right to the Peak where you have a 360° view that will blow you away. It is about a 7.6 mile roundtrip and is most suited for moderate to experienced hikers. Also encompassing the Appalachian and Long Trails, explorers have the ability to hike the entire state of Vermont.

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